Weekday Couples Intensive

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Weekday Couples Intensive – Thursday-Friday
  • Private Couples Counseling Intensive
  • 16 hours over 2 days, Thursday and Friday
  • Same content as the 3-day Expanded Weekend Intensive

Program Counselors, Therapists, and Coaches
Our program staff has many years of training and experience in relationship and marriage counseling. Richard Loebl, LCSW, BCD, is the Founder and Director of the Relationship Center of South Florida, and is a Board Certified Psychotherapist with over 30 years experience. He has conducted weekend programs and intensives for over 15 years. All program staff has advanced training and experience in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, and other marriage counseling methods, such as the Gottman Method and Imago Therapy.

Private Intensives for one couple are usually conducted by Richard Loebl. A female co-therapist with similar experience may be included for couples who prefer a woman’s point of view – and Richard may suggest a female co-therapist during the pre-screening process (see Pre-Screening Process below).

Our Approach to Relationship Distress
Relationships can be challenging and even painful at times. Relationships suffer when there’s too much conflict, fighting, and resentment – and sometimes the walls go up with emotional and physical distance. The powerful feelings we experience in distressed relationships are universal. We may react with blame, anger and shutting down. Then our spouse or partner reacts to the anger and distance, and this creates a relationship “dance”. A dance that is all too familiar. The specific problem areas that we address in our retreats include

  • Conflict, power struggles, and angry escalations
  • Patterns of complaining, blaming, and defensive reactions
  • Shutting down, distancing, and lack of communication
  • Emotional and physical disconnection – the “emotional divorce”
  • Intimacy and sexual problems
  • Infidelity and affairs (including problems like “sexual addiction”)
  • Trust issues, insecurities, feelings of betrayal
  • Parenting issues (including problems in blended families – children from a prior marriage)

Our approach to relationship distress is based in the new science of love. Recent advances in neurology (“brain science”), and research studies of relationship and marital satisfaction show us that our brains are hard-wired for a deep level of emotional attachment to others. Our need for close, loving relationships is not only normal but necessary. At times of relationship distress, one or both partners will react emotionally, with hurt feelings, insecurities, fear, and anger. There are unmet attachment needs – for connection, affection, emotional support, and appreciation. These unmet needs and powerful feelings drive the relationship dance. When we feel unappreciated, insecure, misunderstood, blamed, or abandoned we react – with anger, defensiveness, and distance. These reactions can be identified, understood, and unraveled – and couples can then learn a new way to respond to each other with understanding, appreciation and compassion.

“This program is something that any couple can truly benefit from, no matter how young, old, new or ongoing your relationship is. It awakens the connection and the love between partners that can sometimes get buried and forgotten under the rubble of this hectic but beautiful day to day life.” T.B.

Methods and Goals

At our retreats, intensives and workshops, we offer state of the art counseling methods, based on current scientific research, to guide couples with concern and compassion. Our methods are derived primarily from EFT – Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, developed by Dr. Sue Johnson. Research studies show that EFT is the most effective form of couple therapy today. Like EFT we use a 3 Stage model that includes

  1. Assess, De-escalate, Reconnect – Identify specific problems and relationship patterns (dance), and the underlying feelings and unmet needs that drive the dance. Reduce conflict and begin productive communication.
  2. Relationship Repair – Structure new relationship patterns so that partners can identify and understand each-other’s feelings and needs. Partners then practice acceptance, empathy, and emotional connection. When there has been infidelity or other breaches of trust, this stage includes methods for healing emotional injuries and re-establishing trust.
  3. Partnership & Creative Solutions – We help couples foster trust and collaboration with new communication patterns and problem solving methods. Loving bonds are maintained with new conversations about core feelings (especially fears and shame) and basic needs, such as affection, appreciation, emotional support and security. New solutions to old problems creatively evolve from these conversations.

Throughout this process, couples are guided through many corrective emotional experiences. Here is a poignant example of a corrective emotional experience:

During Stage 2, a husband talked about his anger, feelings of betrayal, and lack of trust after his wife admitted she had an affair that lasted over 6 months. She had apologized to him, explained why she had the affair, and promised many times this would never happen again. With our encouragement, she was able to empathize with her husband’s emotional pain and heartache. There were tears in her eyes when she held his hands and expressed her remorse. Her eyes, full of compassion, connected to the anguish in his eyes as she expressed a deep level of understanding and sensitivity. In response, her husband began to lower his defensive wall, accept her sincerity, and reached out to hold her as they cried together. Later, he recognized his part in their dance – his anger, defensiveness, and withholding behavior – and he was able to express his own remorse, empathize with her feelings of abandonment, and he began the process of forgiveness.

These powerful emotional experiences are the most healing aspects of our program. Our primary goal is to facilitate these vital moments of change for couples. Other goals include improving communication, learning how to argue productively, and improving all aspects of intimacy.

Program Description

These intensive programs are uniquely designed and customized for only one couple at a time.

Thursday-Friday Intensive

Thursday…….. 9:00-6:00
Friday…………. 9:00-6:00

Follow-Up Sessions (optional)

Sessions generally 90 minutes in length.

All Private Couples Intensives include the following individually designed components:

  • Couple Assessment – The couple describe their relationship history, how and when problems emerged. Specific problem areas are identified, discussed and explored. Each partner describes their view of the relationship and specific problems. During this discussion, relationship patterns are revealed and identified. Underlying feelings and needs are discussed. Couples complete questionnaires which are discussed and reviewed.
  • Individual Sessions – Private session with each partner to review personal and family history. These sessions also help counselors to deepen their understanding of each partner.
  • Review and Feedback – After the individual sessions, we review and discuss problem areas relationship patterns. The goal of this session is to make sure we’re all on the same page – we agree on the specific, unique goals for each couple, and we reach agreement on the way we see the problems and the relationship patterns.
  • Counseling and Exercises – Relationship counseling actually begins during the assessment stage. Richard and his staff provide ongoing feedback, and guide couples toward a deeper understanding and expression of feelings, beliefs, and needs. The most intense aspects of the counseling process occur on Saturday. Exercises are used to help couples explore each other’s attachment (relationship) style, emotional reactions and needs. Couples are guided to practice emotionally corrective conversations (a deeper level of emotional expression, active listening, and responding to each other with empathy and compassion). Other exercises include communication tools, methods for fighting fair, creating new solutions, and loving touch, affection and connection.
  • Creating the New Relationship – Each couple creates a description – a written narrative – for the “new” relationship they develop as a result of this program. This narrative includes a history of the relationship, how and why problems developed, and a description of their healing process, their new, loving and supportive relationship dance, and their new approach to partnership and problem-solving.

Pre-Screening & Preparation

All couples who attend our weekday programs are pre-screened by Richard Loebl or another member of our staff. Our goal is to recommend the best program for your specific needs. We prefer to speak with both partners in the relationship at the same time. If this isn’t possible, we’ll talk to each of you separately. Pre-screening can be done by Skype (preferred) or by phone at your convenience. These calls are usually about 15-30 minutes in length. We will ask you to briefly describe your current relationship situation and specific problem areas you want to work on. We’ll answer any questions you may have, and once you decide to enroll we will send you registration information, forms, and an assessment questionnaire.

Fee – Weekday Intensive

2 Days (16 hours) …………………………………… $3, 375

Payments and Cancellations: A deposit of 50% (or full payment if preferred) is required at least one month prior to scheduled program. Full payment is due no later than 2 weeks prior to scheduled program. Full refunds will be granted if cancellation is made more than one full month prior to scheduled program. 25% of the 50% deposit will be refunded up to 2 weeks prior to scheduled program. Refunds cannot be granted within the 2 week period prior to scheduled program.

All intensives and retreats are conducted at our offices in Boca Raton, Florida. We are located 25 miles north of the Ft. Lauderdale airport. Our offices are 10-15 minutes from the beach, in the Town Center area of Boca Raton.

Relationship Center of South Florida
2200 NW Corporate Blvd., Suite 300
Boca Raton, Florida 33431


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