PDR – Personal Development and Recovery


3-Day Experiential Workshop

This workshop is an experiential approach to personal development, recovery, and healthy relationships. The workshop is based on proven psychological theories and psychotherapy methods, backed by numerous research studies.

The 3-day course is an ideal ancillary treatment for clients who are currently in therapy, for those in treatment and rehabilitation programs, and for those in recovery who are interested in personal growth and development. Health insurance companies will provide reimbursement for clients who attend PDR (billed as group therapy).

Research findings from the fields of human development, psychology, and addictions have shown that certain experiences during childhood create unhealthy patterns of emotional reactivity, addictive behavior patterns, dysfunctional relationship dynamics, and negative beliefs about self and others. Humanistic and experiential therapies are highly effective in creating emotionally corrective experiences for clients in recovery from childhood trauma and all types of addictions.

PDR is grounded in non-judgmental acceptance of self and others. We practice and teach emotional intimacy and empathy. Our approach includes exercises designed for self-awareness, self-love, personal responsibility, and healthy relationships. The primary focus is on feelings and experience in the present moment, and how our current experience is re-created from childhood events.

PDR Goals

The goals of the Personal Development and Recovery program include:

o Personal growth and development (acceptance, confidence, empowerment, & self-love)

o Healthy relationships and intimacy (with boundaries, forgiveness, & interdependence instead of co-dependence)

o Emotional insight, regulation & balance (including anger management)

o Adult responsibility for self and others (letting go of entitlement, blame and victim mentality)

o Recovery tools for addictions, childhood trauma, depression and anxiety

PDR Approach & Methods

o Experiential and process oriented

o Psychodrama and role playing methods

o Exercises for emotional expression

o Group cohesion, support and team-building

o Psychoeducation

Theoretical & Methodological Base

o Humanistic, experiential, and process oriented (Adler, Moreno, Gestalt, Rogers, Yalom)

o Addictions and recovery (Bradshaw, Whitfield, Melody)

o Attachment theory and Emotionally Focused Therapy (Bowlby, Johnson, Greenberg)

o Systems theory and family therapy (Bowen, Satir, Haley)

PDR Workshop Schedule

The PDR workshop is scheduled for 3 consecutive days (to be determined – such as Wed-Fri,Fri-Sun, etc.). Hours are generally from 9:00 AM to 5 or 6:00 PM. There is a total of approximately 20 hours of direct client course work (billable).

PDR Staff

Primary Instructor – Richard J. Loebl, LCSW, Founder and Director, Relationship Center of South Florida. Richard is a Board Certified Psychotherapist with 40 years of experience as a therapist, program director, clinical supervisor and workshop instructor. He has over 12 years of experience teaching PDR and its parent course, TLC.

Other staff members may include:

o Staff of the host program or agency, trained by Richard Loebl

o Clients who graduate from PDR may return as assistants

o Assistants may become PDR supervisors

o Therapists and program staff who complete a training program can become Co-Instructors

Contact Information

Richard J. Loebl, LCSW, BCD

[email protected]


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