Workshops & Retreats

At RCOSF we offer private marriage retreats, couples therapy intensives, and weekend relationship workshops. We also sponsor and reach a personal growth and development workshop for individuals, couples, and families.  Current workshops are listed in the Popular & Trending section of our home page.

Workshop offerings include the Connections workshop for couples, mindfulness and mind-body programs, personal growth and empowerment, singes challenges, and CEU programs for counselors and therapists.

Connections:  Weekend Couple Retreats, Workshops, and Intensives

  • Weekend Couples Retreats
  • Private Marriage Counseling Intensives
  • Small Group Relationship Enhancement Workshops

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Our retreats, intensives, and workshops are based on EFT (Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy), RLT (Relational Life Therapy), and other cutting-edge methods.  Retreats and workshops are conducted by Richard Loebl, LCSW, BCD, Founder and Director of the Relationship Center of SouthFlorida, and often include a female staff therapist and expert in relationships and marriage counseling.

EvolvePersonal Development Workshop

Evolve is a 3-day immersion weekend for self-discovery.  In this workshop, survival strategies from childhood are identified, along with self-limiting beliefs and behaviors.  the workshop has an experiential focus, with exercises designed to improve relationships with others and to empower individuals to achieve personal goals.  Participants learn to let go of the past and live fully in the present.

Our Center is proud to sponsor the Evolve program, and several staff counselors and therapists actively participate in these weekends.  Richard Loebl is a Certified Instructor for the Evolve program.  For further information, please visit the Evolve web site at

CEU Workshops for Therapists
A variety of continuing education programs for therapists are sponsored by the Relationship Center Of South Florida. These workshops provide CEUs for counselors and therapists interested in learning about new approaches and enhancing their skills. Programs are offered in the following areas:
  • Relationships & Couples Therapy
  • Men’s Issues (male psychology and men in relationships)
  • Personal Growth & Development
  • Treating Survivors (strategies for working with survivors of emotional and physical trauma, including abandonment, abuse, neglect, ACOA issues, and victims of sexual abuse)

Who’s In Charge?

This workshop is based on Richard Loebl’s unique “Who’s in Charge?” model. The workshop provides easy-to-use tools that are highly effective in building self-esteem and creating successful relationships and careers. You’ll learn how to identify and integrate your internal parts: The loving and responsible Adult, the Inner Critic, the Teenager who is often lost and angry, and the Inner Child. The workshop provides educational information, self-help tools, and action methods, such as role-playing and psychodrama, used to empower your personal growth.

The LATE Men

The LATE Men are adult men who are stuck developmentally and function as Lost, Angry Teenagers. This workshop addresses the unique concerns of men today – their relationships, career issues, and their roles as husbands and fathers, in work and in their communities.  Men’s lives are more challenging today than at any time in history.  Role relationships between men and women have never been more complicated and demanding.  Financial demands and job stress have never been so difficult to manage.  The LATE Men operate on the old toxic code of masculinity, and they tend to self-sabotage.  Men today can learn to manage their lives and relationships more effectively, and with greater personal satisfaction and peace of mind.

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