Children & Adolescents

Counseling and therapy for children and adolescents is available at the Relationship Center of South Florida.

We help children, adolescents, and their parents with the following problems:

  • Behavior problems at home and school
  • School performance difficulties
  • ADD & ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)
  • Learning disorders
  • Conduct disorders, opposition-defiant behavior
  • Separation anxiety
  • Fears, anxiety, insecurities & shyness
  • Trauma reactions (due to neglect, abandonment or abuse)
  • Adolescent behavior problems, alcohol and drug abuse, and peer relationship issues
  • Adolescent identity confusion, anxiety and depression

Many children and teenagers suffer from behavioral and emotional difficulties that result in behavior that people often label as “bad.”

These children may actually be expressing “symptoms” of disorders beyond their immediate control. Disorders such as ADHD, developmental disorders such as autism or Asperger’s Disorder, or a mood disorders such as anxiety or depression. Even very young children can develop a major depression or serious anxiety disorder. Children and teenagers also need help with stressful situations which are quite normal and frequently occur in this age group; test anxiety and other school stressors; peer pressure and bullying; or sibling and family problems. Significant events may also result in troubling emotional and behavioral problems, such as separation and divorce, illness and death in the family, or even the loss of a family pet.

Our highly trained and experienced psychologists and counselors offer a full range of assessment, testing, and therapy services for children and adolescents.

A therapist will meet initially with both the parents and child (or teenager) to determine the nature of the problem and to collaboratively decide on a proper course of action.

Psychological Testing
Click here for additional information on our testing services. Psychological testing at our Center is designed specifically to evaluate learning disabilities and to determine academic placements for gifted children.

Counseling and Psychotherapy
Younger children may benefit from play therapy or expressive therapy (utilizing toys, games, and a variety of art media). “Talk therapy” is often quite helpful for children and teens, and parents are often included.

Family Therapy
Parents and siblings are often encouraged to meet with the therapist. Parenting issues may be discussed, and the family may work together on a variety of issues, such as communication, conflict resolution, and behavioral contracts.

The good news is that children and teens are often very responsive to counseling and therapy; and they often “get better” more quickly than adults!

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