Relationship Coaching

Is your marriage or relationship in need of some new life? Do you need a positive, goal-oriented approach for improving your relationship?

Are you single or divorced and need help navigating the dating scene?

Relationship Coaching may be the answer you’re looking for to create a loving partnership.

5 Benefits of Relationship Coaching
Coaching or Therapy? Which is right for you?
Goals & Methods
When & Where – Flexible Locations & Packages

Benefits of Relationship Coaching

1. Develop relationship skills and use proven tools for success.
2. Create the positive belief system known to improve any relationship.
3. Empower yourself and your partner with the most effective communication and conflict resolution skills.
4. Enjoy higher levels of intimacy, positive connection, and partnership.
5. For singles – learn the secrets of successful dating and finding true love.

Coaching or Therapy?

Relationship coaching is a unique and powerful approach to creating and improving all types of relationships – especially marriages and other intimate relationships. Relationship coaching is appropriate for

> Well-adjusted couples who want to improve their relationship.
> Couples who have completed a marriage retreat or intensive couples therapy – such as our Connections program – and want to continue the process of growth and development.
> Singles who want to learn a more effective approach to dating and establishing a new relationship.

Relationship coaching emphasizes specific goals, skills, and beliefs with a focus on improving the relationship today and in the future.
Couples therapy is necessary for more distressed relationships that are in trouble. For example, couples therapy is the preferred method when there has been infidelity or a marital separation.

Goals & Methods

Relationship Coaching goals include creative solutions for

  • Improved communication
  • A shared vision of the relationship
  • Reduced conflict and improved ability to resolve conflicts
  • Closer connection and improved intimacy
  • A stronger friendship – more laughter, fun, and positive engagement
  • Effective partnership and problem-solving
  • Improved co-parenting

Relationship Coaching methods include

  • Structured, solution-oriented approach (focus on solutions – not problems)
  • Skill building and development (tools for communication, conflict resolution, intimacy & partnership)
  • Focus on relationship goals (not problems from the past)
  • Create positive views and beliefs about relationships (eliminate negative beliefs)
  • Focus on needs (new strategies to meet each other’s needs)

When & Where

Follow-up relationship coaching sessions (after intensive marriage retreats – such as our Connections program
– or after completing couples therapy).

Six session coaching package available (more cost-effective as a package).

Sessions generally 45 minutes or 90 minutes, based on needs and circumstances.

Office visits, Skype or Facetime, and email support.

For additional information about Relationship Coaching, or to schedule sessions, please contact us today.

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