Sheva Ganz, MA

Registered Mental Counselor Intern #IMH17937

Sheva Ganz is an experienced mental health counselor and expressive arts therapist who works with children, adolescents and adults. She has specialized training in education, play therapy, creative movement, and the therapeutic use of yoga, meditation, and trauma recovery.

Sheva is the co-founder of Shift, which creates educational and experiential workshops designed for various ages, and teaches simple and creative techniques to navigate life’s challenges. Additionally, Sheva specializes in separation and divorce recovery, in individual and group therapy and workshops. A major focus of this program includes working with parents and children to heal from the challenging process of divorce and transition.

As an expressive arts therapist, Sheva realizes that no single approach is best for every individual. She utilizes a variety of techniques, therapeutic approaches and a broad range of creative modalities (such as art, music, movement, drama, etc), to facilitate solution-focused healing, trauma resolution, positive change and personal growth. Her favorite aspect of using expressive arts therapies is connecting with people creatively in a manner that language alone cannot express.

Sheva believes that when we tap into an inner creative source, we can uncover deeper levels of subconsciousness and that promotes a more profound sense of healing. She encourages the use of arts therapies to discover the countless ways that creativity can enhance the quality of life and sense of wellbeing.

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