Erica H. Epstein, M.S., M.A.

Registered Marriage and Family Therapy Intern, #2785

I hold two Masters Degrees: one in Marriage and Family Therapy and the other in Early Childhood/Elementary Education. I began my professional career helping others as a teacher in the New York City Public School system, where I taught for about 12 years. When my husband and I chose to relocate to South Florida, I operated and was the full-time Director of a large pre-school in West Palm Beach – where I had the privilege and honor to work with a diverse group of professional educators and children. During this time, I continued my focus on helping mothers, fathers and families with various aspects of raising and educating their children, and dealing with the myriad of life’s challenges, such as anxiety, substance use/abuse, intimate-partner violence, financial, cultural, and other serious difficulties.

In 2015, after more than 20 years working with children and families, I decided to focus my energy and follow my passion to help individuals, couples and families with their relationships and mental health needs and went back to earn my second advanced degree. I have always had my heart set on providing counseling to individuals, families, and couples who are encountering challenges and difficulties along their life’s journey. I am the mother and caregiver of a developmentally disabled daughter with medical Issues. I have been caring for my teenage daughter since birth, who also suffers from intractable Epilepsy. Through much self-exploration and professional assistance, I committed myself to taking back control over my life. I enrolled at Nova Southeastern University to earn a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I am committed to counseling families and typical siblings as they try to figure out how to merge the “typical” with the “atypical” regardless of their etiology.

I have experience working with individuals, couples, families and children regarding a wide-variety of issues, including those who are trying to cope with anxiety, intimate-partner violence, grief & loss, trauma, substance abuse, bi-polar/borderline personality disorders, and parent-child conflicts. In addition to individual/family sessions, I also provide and facilitate support groups focused on a myriad of issues. As a professional educator for over 20 years, I understand children, from school-age through teens, and, most importantly, intuitively know how to connect with them, get them to trust me and our therapeutic relationship, and begin the process of opening-up to deal with serious and oftentimes deeply buried issues. Regardless if I am working with an adult or child, I use a variety of tools, interventions and techniques in my tool belt to best meet my client’s needs.

My therapeutic approach utilizes a systemic viewpoint, which analyzes how an individual’s behavior makes sense in context to their reality, and how it’s impacted by relationships – which can be am impediment to change. I appreciate the importance of a strong alliance between therapist and client.

I firmly believe that safety, security and trust are essential to an effective therapist-client relationship. My approach is a combination of reflective listening with purposeful action. If you are having difficulty or are experiencing challenges in your

individual life or interpersonal relationships, I will work with you towards a goal of redefining and relabeling symptoms and conclusions that are functioning like weights around your ankles holding you back from discovering your true destiny. I have experienced similar struggles along my self-discovery journey, and understand that exploring these issues is necessary to start the healing process. Give yourself permission to live free of limitations.

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· Developmental Disorders
· Family Conflict
· Anxiety


· Addiction
· Asperger’s Syndrome
· Autism
· Behavioral Issues
· Child or Adolescent
· Coping Skills
· Divorce
· Domestic Abuse
· Families with Special Needs/Medical
· Grief
· Learning Disabilities
· Parenting
· Relationship Issues
· School Issues
· Stress
· Substance Abuse
· Trauma and PTSD