Dr. Alison Tarlow, Psy. D.


Dr. Alison Tarlow specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, women’s issues, trauma and abuse, Borderline Personality Disorder, depression and anxiety.

She is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the State of Florida. Her model for psychotherapy is based on approaches of cognitive-behavioral therapy, empowering oneself to make healthier lifestyle choices and the importance of a strong, healing and therapeutic relationship. Her treatment approach is multi-disciplinary, and if appropriate, she incorporates the expertise of nutritionists, psychiatrists and physicians in the community. This is to provide an overall treatment approach that can effectively bring the individual away from eating disorder patterns and into a place of recovery and freedom from symptoms.

Her interest in women’s issues has led her to work effectively with borderline personality disorder and difficulties stemming from traumatic experiences and abusive relationships. Dr. Tarlow is experienced in providing Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and is able to conduct this treatment in an individual or group setting.

In addition to her work as a psychotherapist, Dr. Tarlow is a qualified Parent Coordinator and a Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator.

She educates on issues of parenting, provides divorcing couples with guidance on developing parenting plans and works with post-divorce families on their ability to work towards effective co-parenting skills. Dr. Tarlow completed her Undergraduate Master’s and Doctoral degrees at Nova Southeastern University in South Florida. She completed her post-doctoral residency at The Renfrew Center, a premier inpatient women’s eating disorder facility, where she went on to hold a supervisory position for five years before moving into private practice.

She has also held positions of adjunct faculty and associate professor at Nova Southeastern University for the past ten years and continues to teach psychology courses at the undergraduate level.

Dr. Tarlow was featured in the HBO documentary, Thin, a Sundance-nominated, critically-acclaimed documentary on the treatment of eating disorders. She has been quoted in magazines, the Associated Press and local newspapers. She has been a guest speaker on ABC News and on news radio. She has presented at the conference of the American Psychological Association and has guest lectured at a number of schools and colleges.