Mission And Philosophy

Mission and Philosophy

At the Relationship Center of South Florida it is our mission to use the most effective clinical methods, based on cutting edge research, to help people with compassion, concern and unconditional care. As experienced counselors, therapists, and psychiatrists we believe that all of us have the ability and innate drive to change, learn and grow.

At RCSF, each area of counseling and therapy incorporates distinct methods and philosophies.

Couples Therapy

It’s the mission of our couple’s therapy and marriage counselors to help you build secure, happy and loving relationships. We provide counseling to couples who are married or unmarried, Spanish speaking couples and LGBT. Our workshops and retreats are designed to provide couples with information and intensive counseling during convenient weekend hours. We use the most effective methods of couple’s therapy and marriage counseling, including

  • EFT — Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy — proven to be the most effective form of marriage counseling and couple therapy. EFT identifies common relationship patterns – the relationship “dance” – and the underlying feelings and unmet needs that drive the dance. Distressed relationships are healed with corrective emotional conversations, and couples learn to de-escalate, and reconnect with empathy and compassion.
  • Gottman Method – Years of research by John and Julie Gottman reveal several basic principles of relationship and marital satisfaction. A number of basic relationship skills are easily learned by couples in counseling sessions and workshops.
  • Humanistic and interpersonal methods, which include communication skills, conflict resolution, building intimacy and passion, and resolving trust issues. We are influenced by experts in the field, such as Terrence Real, Harville Hendrix (Imago therapy), and Harriet Lerner.

Men’s Counseling

We use proven therapy techniques to empower men to make their relationships work better and to be more successful and happy both at work and at home. Today’s men face unique challenges and often need the support of other men to overcome feelings of anger and shame, and to become the strong and successful leaders they’re meant to be.

We understand that counseling for men is most effective when there is an understanding and sensitivity to male psychology and biology, including

  • The male brain is very different from female brains (for example, male brains are uniquely designed for rational problem solving and competition)
  • An historical deficit in effective male role models, and childhood trauma (abuse and abandonment) result in major developmental hurdles for men
  • Male depression is often disguised (sometimes as anger), with symptoms that are quite different from women
  • Modern society and role relationships are often inconsistent with the traditional male role as protector and provider.

Women’s Counseling

Our counselors and therapists also specialize in providing sensitive, caring therapy for women. Many women today are burdened with too many expectations, obligations and burdens. They often give too much and in the process neglect their own self-care. Women are expected to be thin, beautiful, and stylish – even while raising and financially supporting a family. Many women continue to be deeply affected and distressed by trauma experienced during childhood (abuse and abandonment).

Our counseling and therapy specialists help women to overcome anxiety, depression, struggles with self-esteem, eating disorders, and relationship problems. Our therapy services for women include individual sessions, couple’s therapy, women’s groups, and family therapy.

Mind-Body Therapies

Our clinicians also specialize in providing services for individuals who experience both physical ailments and emotional difficulties, related to psycho-emotional and interpersonal aspects of life. These problems may result from stress and other environmental issues that influence one’s health and including neglect of self-care.

It is well known that the mind and body influence each other and are influenced from outside sources. In somatic psychotherapy we explore the mind and body as one entity. These therapies address all aspects of work, play and relationships, along with all sources of stress. We also emphasize learning new strategies of dealing with daily stressors. We use a variety of approaches including

  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • EMDR
  • Craniosacral Therapy and Somato-emotional Release
  • Hypnotherapy

These approaches can be beneficial for a variety of difficulties, some of which include: headaches, neck and back pain, gastrointestinal issues, chronic cardiac issues, trauma, anxiety, grief, depression, and a variety of stress related issues.


It’s the mission of our Center to provide caring, compassionate services to the courageous individuals and families who chose the path of recovery from all types of addiction. Our Advanced Recovery Services are designed to meet the unique needs of each individual and their significant others.

Our goal is to partner with you to build healthy, satisfying, and lasting relationships — with others and with yourself — and to conquer addiction, anxiety, depression and other emotional and psychological struggles that all of us face in our lives.

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