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Mission and Philosophy

At the Relationship Center Of South Florida it’s our mission to use the most effective clinical methods, based on cutting edge research, to help people with compassion, concern and unconditional care. As experienced counselors and therapists we believe that all of us have the ability to change, learn and grow.

At RCSF, each area of counseling and therapy incorporates distinct methods and philosophies.

It’s the mission of our couples and marriage counselors to help you build secure, happy and loving relationships. We provide counseling to couples who are married or unmarried, Spanish speaking couples and LGBT. Our workshops and retreats are designed to provide couples with information and intensive counseling during convenient weekend hours. We use EFT — Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy — proven to be the most effective form of marriage counseling and couple therapy, along with other proven methods.

We also use proven therapy techniques to empower men to make their relationships work better and to be more successful and happy both at work and at home. Today’s men face unique challenges and often need the support of other men to overcome feelings of anger and shame, and to become the strong and successful leaders they’re meant to be.

Our counselors and therapists also specialize in providing sensitive, caring therapy for women who do too much and give too much and in the process often neglect their own self-care. Our counseling and therapy specialists help women to overcome eating disorders, anxiety, depression and relationship struggles — often due to trauma experienced during childhood.

It’s the mission of our Center to provide caring, compassionate services to the courageous individuals and families who chose the path of recovery from all types of addiction. Our Advanced Recovery Services are designed to meet the unique needs of each individual and their significant others.

Our goal is to partner with you to build healthy, satisfying, and lasting relationships — with others and with yourself — and to conquer addiction, anxiety, depression and other emotional and psychological struggles that all of us face in our lives.

News and Events

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For Counselors and Therapists

There are a number of opportunities for counselors and therapists to join our team at RCSF. Please let us know if you have an interest in any of the following possibilities:

  • Joining our team directly by working at the Relationship Center of South Florida
  • CEU training events and workshops
  • EFT (Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy)
  • Peer Study Group
  • Externships and Core Skills Workshops
  • Clinical supervision and consultation
  • Peer supervision/consultation groups
  • Mailing list for RCSF newsletters, workshops, events, and other announcements
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