Do you have anxiety, depression, and/or excessive stress?

Do you experience on-going relationship issues?

Have you experienced some level of trauma?

Have you experience a loss and having difficulties with on-going grief?

Do you have headaches, back pain, gastrointestinal issues, cardiac issues, and/or other somatic complaints?

Have you experienced a sport injury, received medical treatment and post rehab, but difficulties remain in returning to your sport?

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy can be beneficial for several emotional/psychological and physical issues. It has been found to especially assist when clients reach a point of feeling blocked or stuck in traditional psychotherapy (talk therapy) to move towards specific goals. It can also assist with physical issues in which traditional approaches have been unsuccessful.

Hypnotherapy is different than hypnosis in a sense that hypnotherapy utilizes the information that is first explored with the client collaboratively in therapy and brings this information towards the hypnotic session. This Milton H. Erickson’s hypnotherapeutic approach is highly individualized, with attention to the client from a mind and body perspective in the moment of the session, with no preplanned script.

Hypnotherapy facilitates subconscious and internal awareness that can be useful in facilitating inner exploration, aiding in automatic changes. A level beyond individual’s normal state of awareness is explored to aid in achieving goals, decrease physical and emotional pain, and improve wellness.

Who can benefit from hypnotherapy (including but not limited to)?

How long does hypnotherapy take?

Hypnotherapy requires attention to each client in their unique circumstances. An initial session is 90 minutes and follow up sessions are 60 minutes. The amount of sessions required depends on an individual’s physical and psychosocial/emotional well-being, and the client’s involvement in their self-care. Traditionally sessions begin with psychotherapy and move forward into hypnotherapy according to how the session progresses. At times hypnotherapy may not begin until the client’s second session due to the necessary time needed in exploration with the client prior. These services are collaborative, with the therapist and client working closely together. Depending on the client’s participation and level of care needed, sessions can range from 1 to 5 (or more if necessary).

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