Couples Therapy In Boca Raton

Is your relationship in trouble? Do you have the same fights over and over again? Is there too much distance or too little love?

Couples counseling can save even the most troubled relationships. Since you’ve found your way to our couples therapy page, you’re probably having some problems in your relationship that are causing pain and distress.

“We went to see Richard Loebl because our marriage was in disarray following an affair. Richard very effectively helped us to work through the pain and healing process. He was especially expert at uncovering the underlying reasons that had led to the infidelity and disharmony. Our marriage is now better and stronger than ever.” D.F. Boca Raton, FL

Couples counseling (marriage counseling/relationship counseling) is available for:

  • Married couples
  • Engaged couples seeking pre-marital counseling
  • Unmarried couples
  • Individuals seeking relationship counseling

At the Relationship Center of South Florida we offer 3 primary services for couples:

1. Couple therapy – weekly or biweekly sessions (the first session is generally 90 minutes in length, followed by 50 or 90 minute sessions)

2. Relationship Enhancement Workshops (click here to learn more)

3. Private Marriage Counseling Weekend Intensives (click here to learn more)

Marriage therapy and couples counseling have been studied scientifically and are proven to be effective in helping couples achieve healthier, happier and more loving relationships. Our counselors at the Relationship Center of South Florida believe that we co-create our relationships. That is, both partners are responsible for creating emotional atmosphere and patterns of behavior in the relationship. Relationship counseling can help couples to create new patterns and a new emotional climate of love and compassion.

The truth is, most couples in trouble wait until things have gotten pretty bad before they seek the help of a marriage therapist or counselor. Couples seeking therapy usually fall into one of two categories:

  • They struggle with endless conflict and fighting that never gets resolved;
  • Or they become distant from each other. Often this happens when couples are sick and tired of fighting or don’t completely trust one another. They feel so hurt or afraid that it’s too painful to reach out to one another and express their true feelings.

Other problems that being couples into relationship therapy include:

  • Feeling frustrated, angry or resentful
  • Feeling hurt, alone and unhappy
  • Day to day stress has put the relationship in jeopardy
  • Struggles around money, chores, the kids
  • Concerns and parenting issues with blended families (children from a prior marriage)
  • An affair (infidelity), emotional or physical or other trust issues
  • Sexual problems
  • Fears that the relationship won’t survive

At the Relationship Center of South Florida, our couples and relationship counselors have successfully helped couples resolve all these problems and more. With our specialized experience and training in couples counseling, we can help you and your partner overcome your problems and create the kind of relationship you desire and deserve. We use some of the most advanced and clinically proven couples therapy techniques to help you resolve these problems, grow close and be happy together.

Benefits of our Specialized Approach to Couples Therapy
We utilize research-based marital therapy techniques such as EFT (Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy) and the Gottman Method of relationship therapy, so you can be assured that you’ll work with some of the most experienced and well-trained relationship and marriage therapists available in Boca Raton and all of South Florida. We’ll show you how other successful couples thrive in their relationship so that you, too, can have a fulfilling relationship.

As expert relationship counselors, we’ll help you:

  • Discover what 94% of happy couples do to enjoy their relationships
  • Develop constructive ways to resolve conflict
  • Hear each other better so both your needs are met
  • Understand and accept each other’s differences so they become a positive force in your relationship
  • Become closer to each other; increase affection and sexual intimacy
  • Strengthen your commitment and feel hopeful about your future
  • Laugh and have more fun together

Imagine the relationship you’ve always wanted and know that it can be achieved. We can help you master simple and proven techniques for a happy, loving relationship.

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