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Clinical Supervision, Consultation, and Licensure

The Relationship Center of South Florida is a resource for all types of training, consultation, clinical supervision, peer consultation, and supervision for licensure.

  • Clinical supervision is available for licensed mental health professionals, and for those who need to meet State requirements for licensure.
  • Case consultation, staff and program development – Consultation for difficult or complex cases; group consultation for licensed and unlicensed counselors and therapists; consultation for staff and program development in mental health, chemical dependency, and dual diagnosis programs. Richard Loebl, LCSW, BCD, has over 35 years experience in consultation, supervision, and program development.
  • Peer consultation – The Relationship Center of South Florida runs a long standing peer consultation group. The group includes highly experienced psychiatrists and therapists who practice in a variety of settings throughout South Florida. Opportunities are available to join this group, or to start a new group. Groups meet monthly, and members present difficult and complex cases on a rotating basis.

Staff training and workshops – Individually designed and tailored to meet training and development needs for a wide variety of staff groups, programs, and corporations. Topic areas include organizational development, treatment philosophy and methods, use of specific treatment methods (experiential, humanistic, psychodynamic, EFT, psychodrama, personal growth and development), staff relationships, the therapeutic relationship, and others.

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