Addiction Recovery Services

Has your life become unmanageable due to alcohol, drugs, or prescribed medications?

Are you powerless over people, places and things like food, gambling, and spending? Do you have an unhealthy dependency on sex or love relationships?

We specialize in relapse prevention and other services for people who have completed inpatient or intensive outpatient rehabilitation, along with families and significant others who are impacted by addiction. Our Advanced Recovery Services are also ideal for people who have experienced periods of sobriety, often supported by 12 Step groups such as AA and NA, but continue to struggle with relapse or life problems associated with addictions.

We work with several types of addiction, including:

  • Alcohol, drugs, and prescription medications
  • Sex and love addiction
  • Behavioral addictions (gambling, shopping, internet, video, food, work, etc.)
  • Dual diagnoses (co-occurring disorders such as anxiety, depression and childhood trauma)

For additional information about addictions — including types, definitions, and how to determine whether you have a problem — please click here.

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